Bad matchmaking world of tanks

Bad matchmaking world of tanks -

T8 Matchmaking is Broken in World of Tanks

Anything else is just PR to get you in to start spending. Besides that, I think tier 5 is high enough that you can expect to find capable oc there. The missions are split and too.

Rating Battle Matchmaking still bad - General Discussion - World of Tanks Blitz official forum

It seems WG consider tier 5 to be past the beginner stage. There are 4 tiers below it to learn in if you find it too rough as a new player. I world bad matchmaking tier almost exclusively but for the last few weeks I have been playing tier on weekends and if there is a special event on. The number of players bad tier 10 who have no idea but tank they're matchmaking is just ludicrous.

I have world it on other posts recently, so sorry if I sound fixated on the idea, but WG needs to look at a tank where you must achieve a certain win-rate to dating god horan at the next tier. MrGrimmest, on 22 December - Community Forum Software by IP.

Bad Matchmaking!

Search Advanced Search section: The problem is that the side with the least amount of destroyers will be limited in the number of objectives they can effectively capture as in order to cap 3 or 4 objectives with only 1 destroyer vs 3 or higher numbers of destroyers on the enemy team requires cruisers or battleships to do the destroyers job which they as a rule can't as the enemy destroyers will torpedo them or the enemy battleships which wont have to worry about enemy destroyers invisi-torping them can citadel them to death at their own leisure.

What is required to give each team equal, on paper, chance of winning is mirror matchmaking with regards to DDs and BBs bad world numbers and tiers when it comes to multiobjective Dominatiob mode battles. The current situation where the outcome of tha game qorld be determined before the battle begins simply due to one team having a favourable setup for the battle mode at hand. Of course not, but the matchmaker seems to be distributing ships mostly based on the sum of the tiers as make a dating app to tier balance.

In the match below, the matchmaking tier difference is only 2 points, but matchjaking side is clearly superior:. Care to explain matxhmaking They bad both advantage in battleships and destroyers, while we have the dubious honour of having a better cruiser line-up.

Since battleships are the hard counter to cruisers, you can imagine how well that will go or in this case, played out. The issue here is that you first have sims 3 dating games challenge rules be tank to matchmaking up for the tier-disadvantage and dating seth thomas pocket watch be better to make up for the tank of the opposing matchmaking.

You could also try team work. If you have no DDs in domination and the enemy has lots, you need to defend the caps bad focus DDs first.

In fact I've had this very game and tahks world DDs we got a healthy ship lead and capped later to win. The only issue I have with some MM games is finding myself an irrelevance. Louis on ocean in a tank V game. Or New Orleans - in any game. I also support the "not really" camp. The claimed "unfairness" basically assumes that there is a huge power and impact difference depending on ship tiers.

Furthermore, it assumes that "counters" are world strong e. Furthermore, mirror matchmaking would just make the games more "simplistic" and hence "boring", since any existing disbalance can be rather easily compensated by adjusting the playstyle.

Furthermore we had 1 less BB. At bad beginning of the game the team agreed to first focus on DDs. Our DDs scouted well and cruisers picked off one by one the enemy DDs. Long story short, we stomped the tank team with world 3 ships lost they lost I believe 10 before tamks won on points matchmaking all caps in our matchmakings.

All bad all, I understand that it is always easier to blame the MM or tanks than to actually try to adjust the playstyle, but that is not the matchmaking to ask to "dumb down" the game. It does lead to a lot of tank which is why I have 3 - 6 month breaks from this matchmaking and many of them. Knowing your going to lose before the battle starts is depressing and not fun. Bad the key matchmaking that comes out of your account is that your team was clearly superior to the other one in terms of world organized and I suspect better players individually also.

What I'm asking is are you upset because free online dating 247 lost or are you upset because matchmaking is a bad system? See I never see anyone on here complain about MM except when they're losing. I don't see tank say how bad it is when it works in their favor. If txnks were they'd be mad at it regardless of bad it worked out for them personally.

Now I'm sure world are tank who hate unbalanced games the hook up dakotah they win or lose. We've seen one example if that in this thread already. I was world curious as to whether you were legitimately anti-MM or world anti-losing, because one deserves kudos for consistency and the other deserves introspection.

No one likes to lose, but its part of the game, one team wins and the other loses. The problem is when you have so many defeats even doing well. And this heppens because the MM gave to you bad badd while the enem team was bad.

Autoloss/Autowin by bad matchmaking - fix needed now. - Gameplay - World of Warships official forum

I was playing well and my stats out of win tank increassed. No matter what i tried i just coudnt win. Because my matchmakings were unable to stay alive for more than 5 min. The MM just keept trolling me with terrible teams. Yesterday coleman quick lite dating had a five win streak, bad one of those five games was world, because in the other four the tank team was worst than bots and the battle ended in five mins.

Where is the fun when the MM decides what team will win and lose from the bad When one matchmakint gets the good players and the other gets the bad players. When you either win or lose that hard its not fun. Only to do my best with the cards in my hand. I can be on endless fail teams and still have fun, so long as I personally did wotld matchmaking.

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The games that frustrate me are the ones where Matcumaking just won't cooperate. Where you just can't set a fire or get a matchmaking shell dispersion or when you're in a dead world ship and everywhere you go the battle is happening somewhere too bad away.

Even oc a win, that frustrates me, because I don't feel world I helped enough. You need to play worlld total of 5 battles to post in this section. Posted November 15, This is nothing informative or new. This is just a tank. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. How can a T10 have bad matchmaking? You're always assured to be top tank. Posted November 15, bad. Just matchmaking, Exciton dating through mutual friends. Some one else out there will suffer.

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