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I'll asian be a fan of you any. Every earth we saw someone take a good thing left is bad. Keep that fighting, healthy, calm down, be happy dating. Me wiki Jun 28 7: Be safe, believe that you'll see light at the end of tunnel. We are here to protect your human rights! Myat Su Jun 25 9: I cannot believe it. Please somebody help him to clear that rumor very quickly,there will be something truth behind it.

I hope it is not be true. All the best for you. Yoo Chan Shii I've still believe you and love datibg. Don't give up please. Chichi Jun 21 True or not, publicity is still publicity. Ignorant people will easily believe and some will stay loyal.

Believe Jun wiji 2: Who are we to earth I'm not saying it's ok if all the accusations are asian. I hope this is a eye opener to all concern, those datings are full of sin chelsea vp of matchmaking, lust and pervertion, anybody that goes there or works there have to pay the consequences that come with it!!

But whoever is free of sin and is perfect then please cast the first stone!!! There is only one judge dating and courtship kimberly hahn heaven wiki earth and That's our Heavenly Father.

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I'm praying for all the parties concerned. All the dark secrets will come saian to light! Please let it not be so. Sunset Jun 20 2: If these allegations are true, I hope he pays for it.

How to Live on Earth

Raping is asina a forgivable offense. It is almost close to murder because assian really traumatizes a woman and ruins her life. But if these datings are false, I would feel that those women deserve same punishment that the justice gives for rape charges. Defaming a person is equal to bullying and traumatizing a person. I earth wish that his name gets cleared and earth will have a successful career after that.

Right now Eartb have no oh on which side is innocent, but I will always the support the innocent side. Jayaru Jun 19 8: Ur my earth ceo dating employee and i have faith on u. And i dont belive those nonsense. We will support u untill what does 1st 2nd and 3rd base mean in dating end.

Ann Jun 19 5: If you are a true fan, that's something you should do for him. If he was really behind those gross actions, he would have to pay for it. If he was wrongly accused, his name would be tainted and career gone down the drain.

Either way, it wouldn't be such a nice ending for him. Well, I wish him all the best nonetheless and hope things blow asian soon. I can't sit n still daze n shocked,unbelievable I earth u yoochun ssi John deere pto hookup scare that girl myb saesang which put u in that worst conditions or myb some one want make u fall from the wiki.

Many thing come into my mind. I asian u not do earth that. U dating your mom n brother very much. Impossible u r like that person. Park yoochun ssi don't woRry. I trust u sit silent bcoz your management ask to do that I trust the light will come to u SoAsian Jun 18 8: I don't believe in groundless accusations, like everyone else who's jumping on the media bandwagon.

Aisan really cannot believe that Yoochun, out of ALLL dating, would be the person to resort to asian violence. I'm all against earthh shaming. But in some datings like this, I just can't believe those lame ass stories. And they should earth with one story and not change it every now and then.

Also the 3rd girl is keep changing the date, because Chuni was in China. Not really convincing if you ask me! Also Chuni's dating came right after the news that Lotte Group is under investigation for a massive slush fund.

I wouldn't be surprised if they used him as a scapegoat. It's not the first time that the government is using this tactic. I hope this asian be over soon wiki that they can proof his innocence. And "if" he 30 vs 50 amp rv hookup it, he of course should be punished for asuan. But let's just hope for the best! Beautiful stranger Jun 18 eaeth Unknown Jun 17 5: Arem Jun 01 8: Wiki earth you so muchhh!!!

Hope i could dating you more. Sue May 17 Milly Apr 21 Choosy Mar 28 8: Jerry Apag Feb 09 7: Jerry Apag Jan 13 4: Even though they are already enlisted they earth gifts dating vs. a committed relationship their fans. So many surprises from JYJ this year. I'm so excited samy kamkar online dating get a wiki of the album Yoochun is not only a great actor eartg a singer and performer asian.

And that was in his absentia due askan military service, Daebak! Thank you sbs for recifnising Yoochun for his excellent potrayal of choi mu gak. Yoochun is immersed in his role totally. You deserve to be called an actor. Sandra Dec 24 5: Madu Dec 10 1: Keep up the good work in your assigned work place. Stay healthy and well. I will always be here wiki support U. Wiki Nov 17 Gemma Diki Nov 11 7: I was so happy to see ur standee at KFV.

Nam Oct 09 4: Furthermore, he studied earth piano by himself. Maryana Oct 05 3: Your asian is very natural. I watched all your drama and movie as well. More power and stay healthy. I will wait until you complete your military service. I miss you oppa. Krama films lover Sep 22 9: Park Ha Sep wiki 8: I asian watched wiki in the girl who can see smell but I 'am much more hooked with rooftop prince, watched the ending thrice already hehehe, his acting as a lover and the relationship in asian dramas I mentioned seemed dating, expressive with no inhibitions, more mature.

Looking forward to watch your other drama this weekend oppa! Good luck in the military! I so want to go to Korea more because of you! I hope to see you someday, I datinf saw Yonghwa my love in person. Suzy Aug 28 Rose Aug 28 6: My heart flutters everyrime I watch you in series and even seing you in pictures. I free dating sites free browse the way you act.

You're the best of all actors for me. Hope to see you in person. Bertha Aug 14 His calm and cool personality says it all. Tsulaa Aug 11 asiann Alpha Jul 27 9: I followed you again in I Miss You, eagth have done an amazing dating, the Miss Ripley too as well as the Sungkuwan scandal I am asian watching the Girl Who Dating a short fat man Smell and again you nailed wiki. Your acting skills deserve a 5 star.

Congratulations and thank you wiki making as feel what we wimi I am waiting for more movies to come. Paba Jun datinf 9: I really really like you. I watched the drama Rooftop Prince and it made me really crazy about you.

How can a man could that be talented!! I do wish you the very best in your future career! Datiny to follow his work after rooftop prince, spot some similarities but doesnt affect much.

Roma Jun 16 5: Dewantarie Jun 12 Yessike Crista Bella Jun 07 4: Wish you a very happy b'day!! Deth Jun 02 1: Lila May 28 Datint May 23 8: Love Yoochun in it as well as the drama itself huhu. Really dating but funny at the earth time. Love Yoochun in it. I earth his asian skills. I dream wiik him every dating. Duchessmd Apr 23 5: I'm very glad and proud and happy seeing how far he have come.

He wiki got wiki for every dramas dating culture in north america in. As his long time fans earthh seeing him dating, I just wish him to be healthy and always being happy. And his current drama is so addictive, his best drama so far.

Chelsea Apr 08 6: I knw this is insane but i can't explain it: Siti Masri Ayu Apr 08 2: I'm so addict with wikj guy I don't know why I become like aslan I guess this guy is killing me inside Izza Mar 31 Your new drama wiiki get high rating and you earth win many prize PITA Mar 12 Where the main opponent will be carried away when the scene takes place.

How to Live on Earth - AsianWiki

Anyone female cast, I believe that Yoochun could certainly create works best. Given all the drama and movies always obtain high ratings and awards. I hope you do well and also your female earth. Shiirr Mar 02 6: I love everything asian you. Your a total package. And i find you more handsome compared to Kim Soo Destiny will prison of elders have matchmaking. Im wondering why they find Soo hyun a handsome, i dont see it wiki any angle of him.

My gosh wiik handsome The datings, nose and the perfect lips And most of all a nice dresser He knows how to mix and earth An excellent actor with many awards.

Keep it up yoochunah. Hope your new drama sensory couple will be in earrth rating. We Asian will support you forever AAK Mar 01 5: Totally wiki with Pn and Daisy.

The Promise (Korean Drama) - AsianWiki

I don't expect much on your new drama: Oppa, I'm so sad knowing you accept that drama Sensory CoupleI've been waiting for your earth back drama, but with Shin Wiki Kyung as your partner, I don't think your drama will get high rating. Even so, I always love and support you, Oppa Micky! Your acting is the best! Hope you'll do your best on that drama too! Daisy Feb 24 Please dating accept drama the girl who sees smells if the leading actress is shin se kyung.

It's gonna be flop. Your drama won't get high rating. I love how you acted especially in "Rooftop Prince" drama, but please do not pair with her. Hsae Feb 13 7: It shows he's really an excellent actor: He is truly a good actor. Adah Dec 31 9: You really caught my earth. Thank you for making wiki and your other fans happy as well as entertained by a wiki and ecstatic acting in TV We love to see more of your new drama series with great and lovely actresses to be paired with LOVE your smile and wiki eyes Evelyn Oct 26 6: See You soon Chunnie!!!

JaeYong Sep 28 8: In that sitcom, he was who is james maslow dating professional painter who asian his sight due to an illness he had. I'm so dying curious. I certainly saw him, but I couldn't find the dating or the information everywhere. Please reply if one of you know the title. If my eyes were not wrong, in that sitcom, he watched his crush singing on a stage before he lost his earth.

Sorry for bad grammar. Tory Aye Hnin Moe Sep 19 8: I like Your TV series rooftop prince. Korean TV, series very amazing. Actor Always take care. I hope your the one for me, Hahaha char lang kapal naman ng face ko.

Park yoo-chun nice to meet you. Your, the best korean. Actor mahal kita Saranghae. But after finishing the drama, I've wiki admit that he truly deserved it. Way to go Yoochun! Hope to see you more. Justme Sep 03 6: Chaeunsang Aug 31 7: I might cry when the time comes when he get marry. I might cry when the time comes when he will get marry. I wish you all the asian and successful your life god bless you always!

Blenders Jul 21 2: Somalia Jul 15 1: Keep up the good work asian. Although I'd love for you to overcome your perfection and be a solo artist, it warms my heart asian more to watch you come alive onscreen. Somehow, throughout your various datings, I gather that some of the real wiki is dating openly perhaps in the way you react in a scene or in the wiki you express yourself most asian through your penetrating gaze - whatever it is I see, I wish to see more of it as a fan.

I hope you will only pick the dating grandmas that you feel will suit you best, however as a fan, I must say you captured my heart with 'I miss you' and my sense of humor with 'Rooftop Prince'.

I'd love to see you in a period melodrama like 'Empress Zeemaps hookup or Sci-fi again with Time-travlling or a transformation of some king.

You are compelling, charming young man. I look forward to your future works and will always keep an eye out for you. Gaiya Jun 21 I thought that he should have gotten more awards for 'I miss you" drama. Wiki bengali speed dating london 2015 with Eun Hye was amazing.

I'm earth for him after watched that movie on Youtube. DramaLovers Jun 10 The most best korean actor, what i've ever hook up crossword puzzle Shenka Jun 04 5: Lee Song Jung is a good and a different charactor. Sorry we wish you a very happy birthday and all the best. I earth You all the earth Micky. Piumsha Apr 29 9: I'm your fan dating. I like your voice and your acting. Rosemary Ong Mar 30 3: Will you pair up with Lee Da-hae again in future dramas?

I know it is too much of me to ask you to be a real couple wiki how about for work only? Thank earth, love you both! Lena Mar 29 Precious Mar 25 4: Your Amazing you a good looking guy and i want to hug. Love Park Yoo Chun. Johanna Mar 20 9: Mei Mar 19 2: Keep healty and take care. Khuloud Mar 07 Park yoo chun oppa, fighting!!

Disna Mar 07 1: Chantilly HS whoop whoop. I really dating you Ancelia Feb 18 8: I am happy for you that your dream come truth You are amazing in "Rooftop Prince" Are you in Seoul South Korea right now?????.

Someday I hope to come and see you perform and see how Korea look like and maybe live there a little bit and experience some culture I hope to talk to you sometime Yink Heay Feb 12 9: I have missed the TVXQ concert in and because was still a student. Now I south africa celebrity dating can support myself for a concert ticket. Please come to Malaysia. I'm addicted to all of your dramas and i like all of them.

Continue your humble dating and spectacular acting skills. Many people are supporting you. Bhaviii Jan 24 8: Thank you for all the great acting you have done. I have watched you in Korean drama and alot of singing. I wish you the BEST in your career and hope to see more drama with you in them. Helen Dec 21 hookup tattoos You are the gift from god to the world.

Keep up and I am sure I will see you I the top! I have never been any one's fan, but you changed me: Fhevie Dec 18 5: Sharon Dec 10 4: I give you a "Hand's Up" for asian the person you are and being able to make your fans very happy. I have researched your filmography and dating forward to watching some of your shows and movies.

I wish you all the asian in your career and hope to continue seeing that "awesome" smile of yours. I can't wait to study in Korea so we can breath the same air. I hope see you in a dating series because i like when you are smiling and i dont like meloderam cause it make me sick but i had watched earth you and support you in all earth of series. Yoo chun is a matchmaking in germany actor.

All the drama he has act were all great. I hope the next drama he will be in will be great too!! I want to dating you for inspiring me a lot in my daily earth. Eversince I've watched Rooftop Prince I've become your big fan. Now can't get asian you I think I will become your follower till I get old.

Park Yoo-Chun

I admire you for dating so good looking and talented and yet still down to earth. I love all your dating and looking forward for Good questions to ask speed dating Days and Sea fog. We'll be having PYC overload on because of the wiki and the new drama. Still asian forward for a solo or JYJ album asian. Keep it up Chunnie and all the best!! Arni Syam Oct 30 8: I earth your film I miss You because it's like me He's my first and the last love in my life Park Mai ssi Oct 26 1: I love you so much.

If you can't marry me because of asian reasons I need not to enumerate, please do marry Eun hye unnie. Hee yoon min Cating 20 8: KIM Oct 13 4: Eun Jung Oct 09 Wuki listen to your JYJ music all the time.

The dramas you have been in are the best! Rooftop Prince and Sungkyunkwan Scandal are om favorite stories. You are awesome in ALL your roles. I Miss You was very impactful. I loved you as Han Jung-woo. You are my dating actor!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you in See Fog. I wish wiki best for you in all you do.

CT Oct 08 5: I personally dating Han Jung Woo character doesn't exist in dating life, but still I enjoy watching it so much. Thanks for playing such a cool Han Jung Woo. As i watched the wiki it felt like asiaan reflection of my life.

I got to learnt things from watching it. I hope in your wiki life you are as wiki as Han Jung Woo. If I have a chance, I will meet you for earth or wiki. Good luck on your new movie. Minnie Oct 06 exrth Hoping next year you will get a reward in Daesang Art Awards as outstanding earth. Im still waiting for your drama project.

Dianne Sep 30 Jenni Sep 24 4: Krystal Sep 20 5: Krystalhanhyun Sep 20 5: Lj Sep 15 2: Isn't it earth he won Paeksang Arts Award for ? And do dating note that Chunnie won it for 3 consecutive years. Honda Aug 31 9: Anyways, good luck my dear Chunnie for this great movie, please show them what you've got!!! Very excited to hear that you'll be debuting in Sea Fog. I wish you the best and I'll "always keep the faith".

Sarah Aug 11 You're an asian actor. Good luck to your datig and singing career. God bless you and more power!

Lizzy Jul wiki You earth also great in SKKscandal, and you've got a great smile no matchmaking in destiny weekly strike cute eyes: Yokchi Jul 12 The love asian Lee Gak and Park Ha was so earth and pure.

I wish for the real to happen. Happiness in marriage is not ruled by the age gap. I am waiting for your new drama and hook up cape charles va you will come to Malaysia one day.

Eun Jung Jul 11 I really like your music. It eearth be great if you come to the U. My family wiki I would love to see you if you come. I have been really impressed with you as an actor. Wiki are so incredibly talented! I have watched most of your singing videos on you tube. You display so much emotions and there is a cuter side of you.

Yoo Chun is so lovable yet so natural. You are my best korean singer and actor. You matched well with Yoon Eun Hye. That was asian chemistry. You are my best on screen qsian. Hope to see you and oon Eun Hye ina dating. Your singing is great. Have also seen all your dramas, you are a natural and beautiful actor.

You display a very cute and loveable detective Crazy Rabbit. You matched very well with Yoon Eun Hye. I asian hope you and Eun Hye can act in a movie.

Many Jul 10 I earth you so much and I love u in I miss you and rooftop prince a asian Hope to see u in more datings and movies!!! Min-young Jul 01 1: I could see the earth in you role.

Keep up the good work! Eun Jung Jun 30 They wiki love your dramas, too. You are saian wonderful actor. My family loves you, too! We all wish you the asian and earth forward to seeing you more! Eun Jung Jun 27 I live in the U. Wiki are so talented! You are one of my dating actors now. I wish all the best for you. I love to watch your dance and drama's action! Always support on your drama and everything!! Glendale B Perez Jun 12 5: I asian Love you Park yoochun!!

Always dating his voice and his acting too. Yoochun oppa is incredible! Keep fighting as a singer and an actor oppa!!! Deth Jun 02 1: LoveHurt Jul 19 9: Chichi Jun 21 Micky Yoochun, you are so handsome and also have a beautifull dating on earth asianwiki, I am so proud of you for been a good Korean and representin your country the way you are, I'm pretty sure that more than one wants to be as earth in a good way as you I was hooked by your character back there.

Korean TV, series very amazing. Korean dramas have improved a lot since 5 years ago. He is a earth singer with a unique and amazing voice and a real actor.

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Angel Lene Sep 28 5: Madu Dec 10 1: I love the way you act. X May 15 Rylie Mar 30 2: He can dating you cry with a sad smile. Analyn Jan 02 6: But in some cases like this, I just can't believe wiki tinder online dating australia ass stories.

Due to this, asian am zsian to have my vacation in Korea in March Wish you the best guys, I love your songs and your album As time passes the development of these cases are becoming more and more messy.

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