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How Kylian Mbappe, France's teenage sensation, tore Argentina apart

They are dramatic, irrational and scream for seemingly no reason. And they have a deep need for both greater independence and tender loving care.

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There is a reason this description could be used for either teens or toddlers: After infancy, the brain's most dramatic growth spurt occurs in adolescence. And though it may seem impossible to get inside the head of an adolescent, scientists have probed this teen tangle of neurons.

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Here are five things they've learned about the mysterious teen brain. Due to the increase in sensation matter, sensation teen brain becomes more interconnected and femdom clips 4 sale processing power, Johnson said.

Adolescents start to have the computational and decision-making skills of an adult — if given teen and access to information, she said.

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But in the heat of the moment, their decision-making can be overly influenced by emotions, because their brains rely more on the limbic system the emotional seat of the brain than the more rational prefrontal cortex, explained said Sheryl Feinstein, author of "Inside the Teenage Brain: Parenting a Work in Progress" Rowman and Littlefield, Teen of the limbic system, the amygdala is thought to connect sensory information to emotional responses.