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Abses in your ass

Welcome to our abscess, fissure, and fistula forum, a place for support for those affected by fistulae and abscesses.

Abscess incision and drainage

You do not need to have Crohn's Disease or any other form of inflammatory bowel disease to take part in ass support group. These conditions can be physically and emotionally distressing and it is beneficial to connect with others who understand.

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To take part in this community, click on the "join" link above. It's weird because its located "In" the your buttcheek where like to bone would abses.

Its not a "boil" yet. Its just kind of a "bump" or swollen and bothers me to sit at times. I mean how would that happen?

Skin Abscess Treatment, antibiotics, Causes & Home Remedies

Who even knows if it is. It always gets worse when Im on Narcotics for pain.

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I think it gets better with Flagyl, but don't really just want to start my flagyl. My son has them all of the time.