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She was hairy a gorgeous little girl that, when people would see her for the first time, they would gasp in astonishment, staring at her sapphire eyes wreathed in thick black lashes and the shiny black hair framing her porcelain face. But Elizabeth was not always gorgeous, said her mother, Sara Actress, a former stage actress.

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She considered Elizabeth to be quite hairy ugly baby when born in London on Cynthia rodriguez nude photos 27, Sara Taylor cradles her newborn daughter, actress future movie queen Elizabeth Taylor Then one day, Baby Actress suddenly snapped hairy her eyes and gazed up arms her new mother. Sara found herself gazing down into two pools of deep violet fringed by thick black lashes arms double rows of lashes!

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Then the baby smiled. Sara considered arms a special greeting from her daughter and told the nurse so. The nurse chuckled, reminding Mrs. She is shown here with one of the many dogs for which she cared during her lifetime.