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Adult baby diaper orgasm

By Guest inkontinens, March 30, in Diaper Lovers. I diaper that diapers can undoubtedly give you a feeling of multiple arid orgasms, does adult agrees with me?

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Then again, I don't get regular ice sex ten from diapers either. Dry baby sound very unpleasant though. I've always said the only thing better than putting on a fresh, dry diaper is wetting one.

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And the only thing better than a wet diaper is putting on a fresh, dry one. I don't have orgasms just by being in diapers I have to masturbate to them before I will have one in a diaper.

Putting the diaper on with lotion, and rubbing until you explode.

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That's a rush and a half. Or putting a diaper on someone else and rubbing up against them.

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Nothing has ever felt so good! I have had the " Dry " orgasms and i can orgasm they have been very intense at times. While i enjoy the real thing these are fun and exiciting to say the least.

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