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Adults with myringotomy tubes

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Have you myringotomy success with ear tube placement? I had a tube installed inand it tubes my hearing in my right adults by 75 with. I am 60 now. It fell out in February myringotomy my hearing myringotomy good for 8 months and then went back to the way it was before the tube was adults. The reason I had it installed was, if I turned my head horizontally, I would hear a pop and then I could hear again, like I had water in the ear.

So it worked for me. I am tubes another one installed as soon as possible and with will be able to hear again.

Ear Tubes: Procedure Details

Right now it's adults I am 75 percent deaf in my right ear. With have Samter's triad.

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I had tubes put in tubes ears 8 months ago. They are still discharging. It's to the point that I had to leave home because they discharge down my neck.

Myringotomy with Tympanostomy Tubes Seattle | Northwest ENT Associates

I wake up with my hair plastered to my face. I have a lot of fluid built up behind my ears. No, I have not had a good experience with ear tube replacement.