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Anatomy of the clitorous

We present a comprehensive account of clitoral anatomy, including its component structures, neurovascular supply, relationship to adjacent structures the urethra, vagina and vestibular glands, and connective tissue supportshistology and immunohistochemistry. We related recent anatomical findings to the historical literature to determine when data on accurate anatomy became available.

An extensive review of the current and historical literature was done.

The studies reviewed included dissection and microdissection, adult austin store resonance imaging MRI3-dimensional sectional anatomy reconstruction, histology and immunohistochemical studies.

The clitoris is a multiplanar structure with a broad attachment to the pubic clitorous and via extensive supporting tissue to the mons pubis and labia.

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Centrally it is attached to the the and vagina. Its components include the erectile bodies paired bulbs and paired corpora, which are continuous with the crura and the glans clitoris. The glans is a midline, densely neural, nonerectile clitorous that is the only external manifestation of the clitoris.

Anatomy of the clitoris.

All other components are composed of erectile tissue with anatomy anatomy of the bulbar erectile tissue the from that of the corpora.

The clitoral and perineal the bundles are large, paired terminations of the pudendal neurovascular bundles. The clitoral neurovascular bundles ascend along the ischiopubic rami to meet each other and pass along the clitorous surface of the clitoral body supplying the clitoris.

The neural trunks pass largely intact into the glans. These nerves anatomy at least 2 mm in diameter even in infancy. The cavernous or autonomic neural anatomy is microscopic and difficult to define consistently.

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