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Ass to mouth commonly abbreviated as A2M or ATM is a slang term primarily used ass describe the withdrawal of a penis from the receptive partner's anus followed by the immediate insertion into the receptive partner's mouth.

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Risk of Ass or parasitic transmission exists generally only anal fecal particulate from ass infected person is transmitted to the mouth of an uninfected person. Porn industry performers anal use enemas before filming anal sex sequences; however, this is primarily to eliminate the possibility of any fecal matter appearing on film rather than disease prevention.

From Wikipedia, the free ass. For the medical term for the pathogen transmission anal, see Fecal-oral route.

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For the crushing fetish talk observed biologically of species feeding from one another's anus, see Trophallaxis. The University of Texas at Austin.

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Risk factors for infection among homosexual and bisexual men". The American Journal of Medicine.

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Quoting Ben Scuglia, editor of Inside Porn ass Porn buttholes are so clean-clean-clean you could eat ass them. Porn is all about squeaky-clean fantasy; even the 'dirty' stuff is supervised and choreographed.

Outline of human sexuality.