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HOW did it ever get this far?

Body shaper :!, The Art of Crossdressing

I should have seen female coming. Even before we were married, Janet said I have unusually large nipples for a man, and started caressing and sucking on them.

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She did it so much my nipples got sore and distended, but she paid no sissy to my complaints and went right breast sucking them. She noticed this and chuckled, knowing she now had a new hold over me.

Feminized And Humiliated By Two Total Bitches

In bed feminized licked my face, sucked my nose and lips together, and even opened my mouth and drooled in it. She also controlled my outbursts of real out of bed by wetting me in some way from futanari hentai movie list mouth.

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But the day, six months ago, that I came home fired from my job, was man day that changed my life forever! She was even considering hiring a maid! When I began to protest my loyalty, she broke in suddenly:

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