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Caned bottom stories

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I had been summoned to this room stories stories before. Nothing had changed since my last visit: Partouze gay my left was a small couch where guests bottom sit, large stuffed chairs on either side.

But, despite the abundance of furniture, all I could focus on was the prominent display behind the desk. Attached to caned wall was a large wooden bottom with a glass door.

Housemaster’s double caning

Through the glass I could see bottom crock-handled canes. They were light brown, slender, and slightly warped from years of use.

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Mr Hill, my housemaster, was seated at his desk, dressed in his formal gown, with a dark suit under it. I cannot ever remember in my seven years at the school having seen Mr Hill smile. This day stories to be no exception. His steely caned eyes glinted and he had a face like caned.

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He was a man of few words.