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Choking and coughing in sleep

Choking in your sleep again? Learn Sleep Apnea’s causes, symptoms & solutions

Big community funding update! Is waking up choking serious or a common annoyance? August 12, 3: Can I safely chalk it up to an annoyance and go about my life? This has been sleep on for the past two months or so.

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It's always when I'm sleeping, choking happens when I'm awake. I'll wake up coughing like crazy to clear my throat of some liquid, I'm guessing it's saliva. Sometimes it happens multiple times a night, sometimes I'll go awhile without it happening and then it'll coughing up again.

I never vomit or spit up anything.

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Just cough for a bit and then I'm fine. T The and is distressing but I'd rather avoid a doctor visit unless absolutely necessary.