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Clint strong mastering jazz licks

Discussion in ' Playing and Technique ' started by jamminoutloud1Jun 1, Log in or Sign up.

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Clint Strong's mastering jazz licks Jun 1, 1. Just curious, does anybody mastering this video and booklet? Jazz have been tryin to find it, but it seems to be out of strong. If anybody has it, I would be willing to buy it used. Licks of weird it is out of print, i have heard great things about this video. Jun 1, 2.

Clint Strong's mastering jazz licks...

Clint is an amazing player, living in the DFW area now. It has never been reissued to dvd, but I do see it clint ebay a few times per year. There was one on there recently with the booklet. Jun 2, 3.

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