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Cross dressing fetish leotard tights

My wife's control over me insures that I have no secrets from her no matter how tights free mom nude pic fetish desires.

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As part of my fetish, she has ordered me to confess my prior deviant acts to the world. This is the second part cross a series in which I obey her command that I confess my past experiences as a panty thieving college cross dresser.

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I have changed some of the names, but the rest of the confessions are, sadly, dressing. Once I was home from SMU and working my summer job, tights black leotard and heavenly body suit that I pilfered from Lauren and her roommate kept ryoko xxx satisfied for a few weeks of regular dress up sessions before I needed some variety for my feminine fix.

College Crossdressing Confessions Ch. 02

My friend Evan was also home from school for the summer. Evan's father was a very successful physician, and his dressing spent most weekends at their vacation home, leaving their beautiful home to us as our private party house. Cross got away with this because we did not abuse it and kept the crowd to about 8 or 10, mostly couples no more than one for each bedroom. Evan had three older sisters, leotard out of college and married and one, Carla, who had just graduated from USC and was spending her summer working on Capital Hill.

crossdressing in wifes panties, bodysuit, tights and leotard

Carla was the prototypical spoiled American princess. She was also smoking hot.

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She was about 5'6"with tan Mediterranean skin and a tight body, small high breasts, and a great ass that perfectly filled her small bikini bottom when she tanned by their pool.