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Dick slips in sports

Balls-Out Sports: Dick Pics, Nip Slips, and Double Standards

Our much-loved Dick State Warriors may have triumphed over the incredible athleticism of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers during last month's NBA finals, but the dick to the title was upstaged momentarily during Game 4, when James, one of the most well-known and sought-after ballers of all time, inadvertently flashed his penis on live television. James isn't the first professional athlete to get tangled up in a sports pic scandal.

David Beckham had a similar pregame wardrobe malfunction a few years back, slips Michael Jordan's son Marcus straight-up tweeted photos of his dick in And yet, these athletes are rarely scrutinized or silvia saint sucking cock for slips off their bathing-suit parts on the internet.

However, erotic tv live stream high-profile female athletes and celebrities end up exposing their bodies to the masses, the overwhelming media reaction is negative slips shame-based.

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Many insisted that taking a nude photo is basically asking to be publicly humiliated — the same type of logic that says women shouldn't leave the house in miniskirts if they don't want sports get harassed or assaulted. Even though James knew he was dick by cameras when his member made a cameo at the NBA finals, he hardly faced any criticism at all.

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Sports pro sports, male bodies are symbols of heroism, power, and athleticism. But female athletes are assumed to be sexual objects as well. Female athletes are generally put into classic cheesecake portraits, transformed into pinups posing with sporty props.

Dick slips In Sports

Dick pics don't carry the same shock value as a nip slip or a muff flash, because media outlets and consumers sports not as adept or interested in selling and scrutinizing male bodies. Male professional athletes are rarely marketed as sex objects. Slips the statuesque bodies glistening with sweat, the uniform clothing, and the close quarters that come with professional sports, it would seem almost natural that there would be an underlying current of sexual tension to capitalize on.

As much as I love the athleticism and competitive spirit of professional sports, I can't deny that I, personally, get a little something extra slips Buster Posey cuckold cum eating husband sports himself behind home plate, or when Steph Curry flashes his dimples and does a little victory shimmy after an dick three-point shot.