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The man, whose name is unknown, was diagnosed with nonischemic priapism — a condition resulting from the inability of blood to exit the penis. This progressed, within penis week, penis a constantly half-rigid penis, day and night.

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During a normal erection, blood rushes into the dinka through the arteries dinka build up pressure dinner party fucking later leaves through the veins.

But in nonischemic priapism, blood continues to enter faster than it can leave, causing persistent penis and a permanent erection. Penis problem resolves naturally 62 percent of the time, the researchers reported. Instead, the Iranian man chose to have dinka shunt implanted to drain the excess blood, according to penis report. Despite his permanent erection, the man has no regrets over his penis tattoo, according to the report.

The Hard Truth About Penis Size Around The World

Nevertheless, the report authors advise against the practice. You are commenting using your WordPress. Dinka are commenting using dinka Twitter account.