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Now in 15 countries! A Halloween Greeting block Dr. A guy on the web named "DMan" seems to have downloaded the nude photos of Dr.

Dr susan Block Nude

Laura from IEG's site in those initial early morning, pre-injunction hours, because he e-mailed them to Tod Susan at AVN who just e-mailed them to me. Now I have the privilege of gazing upon Dr.

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Laura the Prophet's pert little nipples, generous auburn bush and rather pronounced tanlines. Much better than nude those ugly black censorship bars and balls covering her body like cybergraphic instruments of sadomasochism. It's amazing how excited everyone is to see Dr. We're all acting like little kids who caught the sex cosplay porn teacher in the school with her panties down.

Dr susan Block Nude

Max announced the arrival of the uncensored photos on the intercom, and Lavonne and I went running and giggling from my office into the Computer Room to see them. Tim immediately turned them into a screen saver for his computer. Max made a collage out of them and framed it.

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Other e-mails from friends rushed in: