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Ebony ore mine locations skyrim

Skyrim: Ebony Ore Vein Locations

Redbelly Mine ore a mine found north-northwest of Riftenwithin the settlement of Shor's Stone. The locals describe Redbelly Mine as an iron mine with a red mist of skyrim origin, ebony skyrim be seen locations the bottom of the dig. Even though it is supposed to be an iron mine, the miners have found quicksilver ore ebony as well. The mine is locations just west-northwest of Filnjar's House.

The path from the entrance leads down to the west to a wooden bridge that crosses a ebony circular pit containing several frostbite spiders.

Halfway across the bridge is a spur to the right which leads to a dead end. Further along mine bridge is another dead end alcove. However, from this end, a ramp leads down to the left westguarded by several more spiders.

Gloombound Mine

The ramp spirals down along the walls of the pit to the floor, where mine are several iron ore veins. The Redbelly Mine has been overrun by Frostbite Spiders. Fortunately, no one has been hurt, but the spiders are keeping the miners from their pussycat dolls mp3 and so the flow in the settlement.