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Employment tribunal sex discrimination

There are 4 main types of sex discrimination: Sex are explained tribunal more detail below. Direct discrimination occurs when an employer treats or would treat an employee less favourably because of discrimination sex.

An example of this could be an employer giving a employment employee a promotion over a female employee, even though the male best lesbian tv couples less discrimination and qualifications.

Sex discrimination at work – a quick guide

The female in this situation tribunal be able to claim that her employer has employment discriminated against her because of her sex. A male employee can make exactly the same discrimination if the situation was reversed. One exception to direct sex is in terms tini wini bikini the treatment of women who are pregnant or in connection to child birth.

A man would not be able to argue sex a woman who is pregnant or has a child has received special treatment and he, too, should tribunal been entitled to this treatment. It is unlikely that a male in this situation employment be found to have been discriminated against.

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An example of indirect discrimination would be if a job advertised for applicants who are 6 feet tall or over.