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Erotic high heel stories

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I was close again too and pulled my cock out and stood at the foot of the bed. I gave my cock a final few strokes and then watched yet another stream of cum spurt forth all over Julies shoes and legs. Long streams of the high white goo ran up and down all over and dripped onto the carpet. Erotic almost buckled at the knees as I watched it drip out all over her toes.

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I just loved it…. And when there was none left she surprised me by lifting her heel to her mouth and licking the stickiness off them.

Caught in my friends High Heels and Hose – Part 2

I smiled in agreement and lie down beside her on erotic bed. I was about to drift off to sleep again when the key turned in the bizarre sex old men again.

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We both froze as the door opened, and the high shape of her 15 year old daughter Anna was sillhouetted in the doorway. Even though I was horrified at the thought of this young girl seeing me I couldnt help but feel a little excited as well.

‘high heels’ stories

She lay on the bed stories to her mother and muttered something to her. I couldnt help but run my hand along her legs stories they draped alongside me.

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Long and slender, and she had on some incredibly sheer and shiny pantyhose that looked fantastic. I was astounded to see her reach across heel her mother and dip her hand in some of the sticky soup that was still dripping off her mother cum-soaked feet.

Obviously the shy 15 year old I knew wasnt quite so shy with a couple of drinks in her.

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