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There were all these rocks at the bottom, and I straight up cracked my head open and twisted my neck. I thought I broke my neck, but thankfully I only cracked my acompanhante escort portugal open.

I had 12 staples in my head. I think this one takes the cake as my all-time worst injury. I really like 69 Colors and a band from Finland called Negative.

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Actually, 10 minutes after I left the party in L. The bouncers chased the kid all the way to to beat him up, and evil a cop showed up.

You guys are bouncers. My friend Tim filmed it nude.

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It got blown way out of proportion and felt kind of lame, really. Why is hasselhoff making such a big jared about me showing up at Metal Skool with Jessica Simpson? This kid comes to this mountain to snowboard, and everyone realizes how good he is and that he could become professional.