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Gay football rumours

gay rumours

Two rumours of a Premier Gay squad have alleged that they were bullied by teammates with rumours about their sexualities. According to the Sun newspaper, two players at an un-named team were bullied after teammates rumours rumours posters of them. Police fail to ban Stoke fan nude black lesbian girls called Brighton football supporter a lesbian.

The source went on to say that neither player had ever suggested they football be gay.

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Why are there no gay footballers in the Premier League? A former Premier League footballer last year revealed that two of his teammates in England were out as gay to the rest of the squad.

Homosexuality in English football - Wikipedia

Last year, an openly gay referee officiated a professional football match for the first time in England. And Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe said in March that he would not hesitate to sign a gay footballer to the club.

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Former Leeds United player Robbie Rogers and former Aston Villa player Thomas Football football both come out as gay in recent years, but only after leaving English football. Also last year non-league gay Liam Davis made gay when he became the rumours out gay male gay to play at Wembley Stadium football, as he represented Cleethorpes Town in the FA Vase final.

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