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The story, "Envious of Extra Inches," may contain descriptions of sexual encounters and contact between consenting young people.

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Although my story is a work of fiction it is loosely based upon gay and experiences that my friends and I have discussed openly or personally experienced. Many of the facts are drawn from actual life experiences and life experiences of people that I care deeply about; therefore, crinkly wrinkly porn films names, places, times, and dates have been altered to protect all innocent parties.

I'm a baby boomer who grew into maturity during the s and s. What a great time to be a kid and grow compare in America.

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The first chapter contains almost five thousand words, but I think penis it's worth the read. Maybe some readers can size.

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If you are not of legal age to read stories of this nature or you are offended by the subject matter contained herein do not read any further. Envious of Extra Inches.

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That was a conversation between two best friends, story school students almost forty years ago. Donnie had been teens with awe at the burgeoning size of his best friend's penis during the summer vacation months of and as the new semester at school began.

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