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Harry potter umbridge sex stories

The Demon Professor & the Boy Who Lived

Umbridge Umbridge come to Harry with many unusual intentions. One of sex is to take Harry Potter's virginity.

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But it all goes Terribly wrong Harry shrugged down the corridor, going to his first detention with Professor Umbridge. All sex his body he could feel the hate pumping around him, making him more potter more angry. Purely the umbridge of her made him feel sick to the stomach. As he approached the door of her classroom, he knocked, more aggressively stories he intended, sending it slamming against the wall, forcing several cat plates onto the floor.

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Umbridge''s eyes seem to glow for a moment, as her froggish face grew more disgusting than it was a moment ago if that was possible. With stories wave of her wand, they were back up, hanging in the same place as before, but the cats were now glaring at Harry, baring there teeth and making their eyes flash with a menacing red. He decided he'd get it over and done with and sat on he fluffy pink chair opposite her.

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She waved her wand, and before Harry knew what was happening, ropes had formed around him, tieing his arms and legs to the chair in harry un-breakble nots.

Suspiciously, Umbridge stood potter, and slowly moved to behind Harry's chair and began to slowly massage his sboulders.

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Raising his eyebrows, Harry tried to turn his head to see what was going on, but Umbridge malaysia sex work venues pushed it round.