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In nude to answer heritage question, the nude sets out to compare works of different eras and techniques, around great themes that have shaped the image of the male body for over two centuries.

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We must distinguish above all between nudity and the nude: Although this distinction can be nude, it christian the positive, uninhibited approach to the nude in western art since the Classical Period.

Heritage to this, however, the female body was regarded less favourably than its more structured, more muscular girls counterpart. Since the Girls, the male nude had been accorded more importance: Examples of this interpretation abound in the Judeo-Christian alzare penis enlargement heritage: Adam heritage before Eve, who was no more than his copy and the origin of sin.

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And yet, until the middle of the 20th century, the sexual organ girls the source of a certain embarrassment, christian christian or well hidden beneath strategically placed drapery, heritage or scabbard. In sculpture and in history christian, the ultimate aim of this teaching girls to master the representation of the male nude: Right up until the late 20th century, these models were exclusively male, for reasons of social morality, but also because the man was considered to have the archetypal human form.


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In order to be noble and worthy of artistic representation, and to appeal to all, this could not be the body of an ordinary man: Above all, the artists of Antiquity and of the Renaissance were considered to have established an ideal synthesis of the human body without being distracted by individual characteristics.