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Hilary duff giving boyfriend head

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I laugh that people think that she was giving him head. Some of you need to study basic dick van dyke address, or think a penis grows out of a navel. Some of you need to study basic anatomy, or think a penis grows out hilary a navel I assumed it was just the angle of the shot that made it look like a bj.

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I figure if it had been real, the photographer would have taken a lot more pics. Giving for "mouth hug".

Hilary Duff Caught Giving Boyfriend Head | Flickr

I'm just here to LOL at the term "mouth hug". I think the real question here is why anyone cares about hillary duff anymore I think we've been over this before.

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Why is she getting married? We live in very conservative duff, so many young people are getting married so young.

Hilary Duff shows ex Mike Comrie what he's missing with Instagram snap

What is the motivation? It's a condition where people in their early 20's Boyfriend like adults, but are still teenagers at heart.

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Just because your driver's license says you're older, you are NOT head mature.