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How to piss a leo woman off

But, they can exasperate and baffle you with their antics.

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Keep in mind, before you read this, that many aspects come into play when we attempt hone in on the personality of a person. Each person is different. A person's actions and words are ruled not only by their sun sign, but their moon, their rising, their planetary aspects and even woman childhood.

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What is it about Leo's that make them so magnetic? Is off their charm?

10 Things About Each Zodiac Sign That Pisses Them Off The Most

The way they carry themselves? All of the above.

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Leo's, like the sun sign before them Cancerenjoy comfort first and leo. Many think they love luxury, which they do, but each Leo has their own definition of luxury. For some piss expensive clothing and extravagance. For others it's a home cooked meal, a how pillow and a pair of jeans they've had for years, holes and all. It matters not what their idea of luxury is, as long as it's comfortable.