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The screening recommendations in these guidelines are appropriate for asymptomatic survivors of childhood, adolescent, or young adult cancer presenting for routine exposure-based medical follow-up. More extensive crack are presumed, as clinically indicated, adult survivors presenting with signs and symptoms suggesting illness or organ dysfunction.

A basic knowledge of ongoing issues related to the long-term follow-up needs of this patient population is assumed.

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Healthcare professionals the do not regularly care adult survivors of pediatric malignancies are encouraged to consult with a pediatric oncology long-term follow-up center if any questions or concerns arise when reviewing or using these guidelines. A complementary site of patient education materials, known as "Health Links" accompany the guidelines in order to enhance patient follow-up visits and broaden the application of these guidelines.

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More detailed information site development and application of the COG LTFU Guidelines and related materials is available by accessing the documents below. Although the information within the guidelines will certainly prove valuable to the survivors themselves, the only version currently available is targeted to healthcare professionals.

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The, survivors who choose to review these guidelines are strongly encouraged to do so with the assistance of a healthcare professional knowledgeable about long-term schul porn care crack survivors of childhood, adolescent, and young adult cancers.

Click below to download the following clinical tools: Splenic Precautions English Spanish French. All rights reserved worldwide.