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What nude you call a professional bodybuilder with a everts set of tits, a darling face and a monstrously girls puking pissing in van pussy?

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You would call her Kellie Everts, that's who! And what do kellie call a hairy nudist, Miss Nude World or Miss Nude Universea stripper who everts to give her life to God and the church but not give up the burlesque stage in fact, she even starts shooting softcore porn as well?


You would call her Kellie Everts, too! The daughter of Lithuanian immigrants who were fleeing Soviet communism, this bushy beauty was born on July 16, in a small town west of Stuttgart kellie Germany under the name Rasa von Werder. Not a lot is known about Kellie Everts during her youth or formative years.

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Instead, she exploded pics the public's eye when Kellie won the "steroid-bound monster, Kellie Everts was just sexy. Her shoulders were firm and toned, but still retained a distinct feminine quality.

Kellie Everts nude

Her arms were sculpted but not bursting forth with abnormal muscles. Dark eyes and eyebrows along with full, luscious lips framed her attractive face. She wore her hair in many different colors and pics different styles - nudebrunetteraven, straight, curly, or bobbed.