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Nathan Lane is in a truly unique position. He has the smallest dick in Hollywood, yet he's the biggest dick on Broadway.

That seriously can't be Ken Jeong's real penis right?

Pray tell, r12, how do you know that Matthew Morrison has a tiny dick? And you forgot Brad Pitt. Oh boy, here we go again, R Brad Pitt jeong not have a small cock.

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Look at the photos - he is average size. Stop expecting every guy to be hung like Jeff Stryker.

The Hangover 2 from Funny Penis Scenes in Movies | E! News

It's rare that we get to see an erect cock from a mainstream actor. Colin Farrell is an exception to the rule - and he ain't small. I wish we'd gotten more than a 2 second glimpse at Leo's cock in "Total Eclipse".

Then we could better evaluate it.

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Ken very hard to see. There are two cock penis of Leo in the film. The other is toward the end when he pictures lost his leg and he falls out of bed.

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