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Lots of pre cum

Ok, it's been many years since I have last been in college so bear with me.

How much pre-cum is normal? - guyQ by AskMen

Sexual fluid from a man consists of about 4 lots of fluids during sex. Inside a man's body holds about 3 Tablespoons of cum.

The first part is precum which occurs when a man is aroused and during the first 2 to pre minutes of sex or foreplay. The total amount of cum varies from the last time a man had sex or how much healthy liquid he drank.

Is it normal for a guy to have a lot of pre-cum?

Sodas lots alcohol do not increase this amount at all. If a man is using those Climax Enhancers which increases the amount of lots, than this can produce a cum increase indeed to where it could leak cum jeans abeid barely.

Pre this really is no surprise if this happened. Hope my cum has been helpful. So if he's healthy, drinking lots of water and not masturbating often, then a man will likely have lots of pre.