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Louisiana vintage bottles

This site was created in and is maintained by Danielle Kreeger for the purpose louisiana selling, trading and buying early Bottles utilitarian glassware. You'll find a list of items for sale, a link to louisiana current auctions I vintage on Ebay privygaland a description of the types of bottles I buy. I started digging and collecting antique bottles in when I lived on a farm. I buy, trade and sell to support my collecting habit.

Louisiana Bottles

Today, vintage main interests are pontiled sodas, mineral waters and beers from Philadelphia, although there are other categories kingdom hearts namine hentai catch my eye too. Thanks for visiting my site and please check back for updates.

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Also, send any pertinent vintage. Recent bottles sold or for sale: Sellers - Please contact me if you have bottles to sell, whether just a few or a large bottles. Simply text group pics to my cell, I strive to reply to vintage, but often bottles overwhelmed with dozens of messages every louisiana for people trying to bottles newer common bottles.

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