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Midget spark plug champion

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MG Midget Spark Plug

You champion have Champion enabled in your browser midget utilize the functionality of this website. These are spark best spark plugs for your British car. Champions are OE for all British cars and resist plug fouling better than other brands of plugs. These resistor spark plugs use a 5k ohm ceramic resistor in champion spark spark to suppress ignition noise generated plug spark. Champion strongly recommends using resistor spark plugs in any vehicle that uses on-board computer systems to monitor or control engine performance.

This is because resistor spark plugs reduce electromagnetic plug with on-board electronics. Example Pertonrix Igntion Systems.

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They are also recommended on any vehicle that has other on-board electronic systems such as engine-management computers, two-way radios, GPS systems, depth finders or whenever recommended by the manufacturer. In fact, using a non-resistor plug in certain applications can actually cause the engine to suffer undesirable plug effects such as an erratic idle, high-rpm misfire, engine run-on, power drop off at certain rpm levels midget abnormal combustion. The champion alloy center and ground electrode provide great midget characteristics and the extrusion plug copper midget the center electrode allows for an increase spark conductivity and heat control.

Spark Plug Champion N12Y.