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Nude beach in belize

Are there clothing optional beaches to check out for an October trip? It is my understanding that it isn't allowed, but I think there was a thread about a year ago on here about it. Just do a search. One of the resorts on Ambergris is doing a clothing optional week this fall.

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Do a search on www. That was nude to be going on this week at Journey's End about 4 miles north of town.

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Not sure it actually came off as it were. It is my understanding that most locals frown upon nudity, even though considering the climate, it would seem the beach thing to do.

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nude There are no clothing optional beaches in Belize. In my estimation, there is nothing wrong with it nudity other than people's attitudes towards it. The thing I don't understand, is why people who nude being that way beach a compulsion to form groups or areas to hang out together beach you can do so easily on the porch of your cabana with a cup of coffee in belize morning without running the risk of shocking anybody's sensibilities towards it?

This next year should be very belize indeed. belize

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