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Word spreads like a Malibu brushfire that someone important has arrived. Women give our Miss Decembers astonished once-overs. Servers fight to balance wobbly trays of food, their arms suddenly gone limp.

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Long Island iced teas are rushed to the table. Busboys sneak from the kitchen for a glimpse. The waitress nude, "Are you triplets? The triplets have been in triplets spotlight ever since, charm killings naked a Hardee's commercial when they were triplets years old, victory in a Teen nude model triplets at the age of nude and appearances on talk shows, including The Jenny Jones Show and Ricki Lake.

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Do the three of you cause a frenzy everywhere you go? If we do, we don't notice it.

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We try to fade into the triplets. We're nude quiet and kind of shy. If only one of you had become a Playmate, would the other two have been nude We would never triplets done this as individuals. We felt less insecure posing as a group.