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Patrick dempsey nude

Grey's Anatomy's favourite doctor Patrick Dempsey proved he's still got what it takes to earn the nickname of Dr.

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Patrick Dempsey shows off his dreamy physique as he get some sun while on holiday with his family in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Saturday. Patrick and his make-up artist wife Jillian tagged along their twins boys, Darby and Sullivan, as well as year-old patrick Tallulah. The family of five dempsey been spending their Spring Break patrick the hot sun and the warm Pacific Ocean.

The actor-turned-racer started off the day in a plain white tee and a pair of dempsey plaid swimming trunks, but soon removed his shirt nude reveal his ageless physique.

Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey shows his pecs appeal as he tans in Mexico with wife Jillian

The year-old has been travelling with his wife Jillian and patrick patrick children. The father of three just wrapped up filming the ninth season of Grey's Anatomy. His wife Jillian was more eager to show off her rock hard abs as she sat in nude jacuzzi in a dempsey black bikini. nude

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Jillian, whose nude include not only dempsey husband but also Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence, wore her beach blonde locks down as she shaded her eyes with a hair of trendy Ray Ban glasses. And she wasn't one to miss out patrick the dempsey to get patrick a workout, as she ran about the nude holywood actress nude pics played games with her twin boys.

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It was also also being considered by coffee-house giant Starbucks. Asked why the dempsey interest in owning his own coffee shop, Patrick said that his show Grey's Anatomy's setting in Seattle has given him a kinship with the rainy city.

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The make-up artist has a busy career working with Hollywood elite such as Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence. And of course, having your own personal barista is also nude bit of a selling point. Patrick and wife Jullian laid on the sand as their children enjoyed the waves.