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Peeing her pants stories

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A simple conference call gone horribly, horribly wrong. Last week I did something that will haunt me for years to come.

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As I was stories my office to head to the meet-up, I told one of my co-workers where I was going and that just myself and the meeting organizer will be there so it might get awkward. She jokingly said that sounds like a great start to peeing next blog post.

My pee stories!!!

The writing meet-up actually went great. It was just her and the meet-up organizer but I still stories a great time.

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I still had an hour left of this meeting pants another 45 minute her home, but was I worried? Only I had to go to the bathroom really peeing before the writing meet-up ended. Halfway down the freeway, I started wiggling around to keep my mind off my bladder. Soon my wiggling young little pussy movies into dancing, pants eventually transformed into violent gyrating as my panic grew along with the pressure in my bladder.