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Pretty baby shields nude

This has always baffaled me.

15 Insane Movie Scenes That Wouldn’t Be Allowed Today

One of the cable movie channels showed the movie Pretty Baby. It has Susuan Nude and Brooke Shields, among others.

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In the movie Shield's is Sarandon's daughter, and they are baby prostitutes So she has a scene where they show her naked. This movie was released inShields was born inyou do the math. So how is this shields child pornography?

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Originally posted by weich: They might have used a body double who was of legal age. I think they might have done something like that in Lolita.

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I haven't seen the movie. But nudity, in and of itself, does not necessarily constitute pornography.

Brooke Shields nude photograph causes controversy at Tate exhibition

I think pretty main thing is that the world april bowlby nude video not so PC twenty years ago. But wouldnt that make viewing it today a Child Pornography charge? Paul Reubens was arrested and charged for having pictures of nude children from the 's and 20's!