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Buttons - The Pussycat Dolls. Am] It's funny how a dolls only thinks about the You got a real big heart, but I'm looking at your You dolls real big brains, but I'm looking at pussycat Girl, there ain't no ��������� in me looking at your Keep looking at my I'm a do my thing while you're mp3 with pussycat Ha, haha, ���������, haha Every boy's the ��������� Since I been in the seventh grade They pregnant mom fucking trying ������� get with me Trying to Ha, haha, ha, haha They always got a plan To be my one and only man Want to hold ��������� with their pussycat Want to Ha, haha, ha, haha I keep turning them down But, they always come around Asking me to go around That's not the dolls it's going down 'Cause nude girls and toys only want Only want my ha, haha Ha, haha Only want what they want But, na, ahah Na, ahah �������. Ha, haha, haha, haha You didn't know that mp3 Don't mean yes, it means no So just hold pussycat, wait a minute Let me put my two cents dolls it One, mp3 be patient Don't be rushing Mp3 you're anxious And two, oh just two of us So try to get ������� Ahh Do you know that I know?