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R kelly pee on you video

Also, I hate R. sex tape -

But I also just had an "A-ha! Moment" listening to this song.

rick hammersmith nude

They come at the oddest of times. This man has zero shame.

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There's video of him pissing on a child that's been circulating for years, and he hasn't let that shameful sh-- deter him from doing whatever the f it is that he wants to do. He just denies it to himself, acts like it's not as bad as it is and keeps it moving. If not for a bum publishing deal and refusing to pay taxes, he'd probably video really wealthy. I mean, people still buy the music and go see the shows, even after THIS.


That video of him urinating on a child came out nearly 20 years ago kelly he still puts out music and tours. Folks will pee ashamed and embarrassed, and shut down and hide off of far less. Kelly can do it with that much you baggage, so can you.