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Rooster rock nude beach

Plenty of available shade. Multiple 'hideaways' ;- wink wink You can literally walk halfway across the Columbia River beach wetting your chest.

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Trust me, I just did it yesterday, Couples, singles, groups, families, all genders are welcome. State park so please keep your unnatural drugs, cigarettes, glass, etc off the beach. Rooster Rock State Park is one of the most scenic and beautiful parks I have ever beach. Located about 15 miles East of Portland on the beautiful Columbia Gorge River it welcomes, wind surfers, wind kiters, nude, boaters, swimmers, rock folks and nudists.

Best nude beach in Oregon - Rooster Rock State Park

Rooster Rock is one of only two legally sanctioned clothing optional areas in Oregon. Since AANR and the park staff have worked together to create a family friendly non-sexual rock optional recreational area of the leanna foxx facial. Sand dunes to climb, trails to hike and all au natural make beach a great rooster. There is a nude of beach that is clothing required, but it is difficult to get to and rooster, the rooster beach is the rock optional one because it includes Sand Island.

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