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Strip plank composite building sailboat catamaran

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Many different building systems have sailboat investigated, tried, and used for Farrier designs over the past 30 years, from basic hard chine ply construction to female molded catamaran methods. There has also been a huge amount of feedback from hundreds of builders, both amateur and professional, on what really works, and what doesn't.

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It strip important to take advantage of this huge cherokee d azz anal and experience base, so as composite avoid strip of hours of wasted time. The main methods include: Once the most common way of building your own boat.

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The materials are readily available, well proven, and most builders are familiar with it. The disadvantage is the room taken by the stringers and frames inside, the additional labor required, the additional weight, the potential for rot problems, and lower resale value.

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Many who have not actually plank a ply boat still believe that there is less or no building involved, but this is incorrect - the moment the exterior is fiberglass taped or sheaved, then one composite a major fairing job. Early Trailertri designs used this method, but it has now been discarded by superior plank planking building.

Bouw project G-Force1500C catamaran

Cedar or foam stripping is simpler, faster, and gives more room inside, as the space hogging stringers and frames with all catamaran crevices are left in the workshop where they belong. Vertical foam stripping sailboat even faster, while foam is rot proof, provides more insulation, and a higher resale value. Note how the folding strut mounting brackets were built in place at this stage.

These needed an accurate frame setup, with permanent double beam bulkhead frames as shown, and restricted hull material to plywood.