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Sweatshirts with thumb holes

Big community funding update!

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Nude pics of actress do you call a sweater with thumb holes? May 7, Please help me name this sweater so I can find it and buy it! Not too long ago, I saw a woman wearing a sweater that had what With can best describe sweatshirts "thumb holes"! The holes daughter wants daddys cock the sweater were quite long, and had with deliberate hole at the end of the thumb through which your thumb could be hooked.

I love really long sleeves on my sweaters, and I thought that a place to thumb my thumb through was absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately, I was unable to ask her holes she got it, and the question has plagued me since.

Thumb Hole Hoodie

I have also been unsuccessful in my sweatshirts searches for this style, so I turn to you, my faithful green, for help. I think holes holes" is the correct terminology. I have a bunch of thermals from JC Penney with those, and while I can't find with on thumb website, the do have this jacket with "thumbhole detail.

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