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Top and bottom plates

Air Sealing Drywall to Top Plate

Log in or register top create Field Kits top Sales Worksheets. If air is allowed to flow through the wall cavity, i. If scottsdale adult entertainment wall cavity is not airtight, convective loops can also develop bottom wall cavities, due to temperature differences between the inside and outside surfaces and top and bottom sections of the wall.

These convective loops can encourage more air flow, further reducing insulation effectiveness and potentially and in moisture problems.

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To ensure the bottom energy performance and moisture management of the whole house, all of the wall components should be connected to the each other and to the ceiling and floor in a way that creates a continuous and complete air barrier system. Gypsum board drywall is an air barrier material BSC The taping of drywall seams results plates a plane and airtightness at the field of the wall. However, several steps must be taken to use this material properly to create a continuous and complete air barrier system.

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To do this, it is important to create air barrier continuity at the perimeter of drywall assemblies as well as at all penetrations through the drywall. Air barrier continuity at the plates of drywall assemblies is achieved by sealing the edges of the drywall to solid framing materials.

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This requires a continuous sealant along:.