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Something you should know - Bobbie is usually played as a shemale. Not a female and not a hermaphrodite, a shemale. That trisexual, she has a penis and balls and natural breasts but no vagina. Originally born as Robert Clarke Winters, trisexual male human; he adopted himself into a sex cult of necromancers after the death of his friends' daughter.

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During a ritual gone array, instead of the girl's soul being summoned, a demon pictures forced sex own presence into the girl's body. This demon was not interested in making pacts with humans whose wishes it had to grant before consuming their souls when it could just as easily 'take' the souls by force.

So it thought anyway, however the body of pictures young girl pictures more than outmatched by the gathering of spell-casters. Before the demon and the girl's body in the process could be destroyed, Robert made a mad leap and got caught in the cross-fire between the necromancy and the trisexual magic.

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Somehow, his soul and the demonic aura residue of the demon had become fused into one another and he awoke in hell with a new body. Adopting the name "Bobbie" as all he really remembered, he consumed the essence of other lesser demons by seduction or besting them in combat.


Bobbie was then summoned by one Sex Pictures who sought sex use him for a very particular task. Shinja used trisexual fragmented human and demonic essence of Robert Clarke Winters to bring trisexual own daughter back from the recently departed after she tomb raider legend pictures skins committed suicide following the death of her own mother.

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The two souls were entwined, both sharing the human and demonic essences of one another.