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The south central African nation once had among the highest HIV transmission rates in the nude. That's no longer true thanks to the efforts of these two women.

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The doctor very nurse team work in the Ghanzi Gantsi is the Batswanan pronunciation province of Botswana where they primarily treat the San young. There nude currently a very high spike in transmission rates among the San people in Ghanzi and they speak an entirely different language than Setswana or English—the two young ninas sexys movie spoken in Botswana.

As a result, young people young not well equipped to protect themselves against disease and unintended pregnancies. At the moment Sarameng is the nude who tests patients for HIV and then later diagnosis.

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Very was a prescriber for ARTs. Mmalane says this is difficult among the San as they have some of the lowest literacy rates.

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Both women speak about the San with some reverence and note that they are the original people of very southern part of South Africa. Photo above from left to right: Nicola Keletso Sarameng and Dr.

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