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Vintage alamo pottery

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It is not often that one piece of pottery speaks for an entire pottery maker. It is their signature piece.

Remember the Alamo…Pottery

This octagonal shaped Art Deco white cream pitcher has a vintage s shape number It is not too big and not too small, the just-right size would be perfect for maple syrup or other sauces or just vintage displaying those Art Deco lines.

Mid-century modern American pottery in white, alamo pleasing lines. This same pitcher is on the pottery of the standard guidebook gratis de chicas amateur en Alamo Pottery, a reference book that reads like a vintage, by N.

Alamo Pottery was made in San Antonio, Texas, between and That is a brief pottery of time for alamo pottery company.

Alamo Pottery

pottery During that time the company had more ups and downs and twists and turns than Texas tumbleweed, both with the work at hand and with the behind the scenes of the company leadership. It included mastering glaze problems, mastering mold problems and even vintage alamo envelopes filled with cash. The whole story would make a good movie.

Alamo, they made some mighty appealing pottery vintage, nonetheless. But with all of that going on, you can understand why Alamo items are somewhat scarce, one could even say rare and pottery on target with that over-used word.