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Vintage on 10th avenue

10th Ave Vintage Cycle

The ramp was removed in the late s and it now reaches grade at about NW 9th Avenue, and Lovejoy is a surface street.

This view looks west down the ramp with NW 10th coming in from the left side. City of Portland Archives.

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This view looks east on W. Burnside from NW 11th Avenue.


The view looks north up present-day Avenue 10th Avenue circapre-dating the Old Church which would be directly ahead. I believe the vantage point of this image is the vintage of the steep slope at the end of 10th, just south of Clifton Street. Interestingly, there is an old brick reservoir gate house there still, and 10th hot naked babes pic we see here at extreme bottom left may be part of that reservoir.

New York Public Library. And lots of detail it has.