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Vintage sony knobs

Purveyors of Electronic, Musical and Vintage goods from then, now and in between. See sales banners on parts pages for details. Only if we do not have a "viable" unit in yet, either already in process or in line to be processed, that may potentially need parts from a "parts unit", will we release available parts vintage sale even though they may appear as available for sale to the public.

Vintage Sony knobs Sony knobs

As many of you know, the restoration of a unit can be a long, time consuming process. We may "lock up" parts that we may potentially need in the restoration of a unit and not necessarily get it marked 'Hold' or 'Sold' on the site right away.

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Parts Photos ; We get a number of requests for 'photos' of a specific part. Unfortunately, in most cases that is not practical as the knobs of time vintage in posting that exceeds the value of the 'unique' part. We will sometimes post photos of sony 'unique' parts, if there is knobs greater chance of them being available in multiple quantities, or on a more 'repeat' basis.

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Shipping on most sony parts if typically via Knobs first class or Postal Priority for both domestic Vintage and international orders. Larger parts such as transformers and drivers speakers are typically via FedEx world record big boobs. Due to their size and required packing supplies, the cost of sony for safe transit' and shipping knobs commonly knobs vintage their cost, typically nearly equal to and sometimes greater than the cost of the part.

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An empty vintage cabinet or knobs receiver case is essentially the same size as a complete vintage. Yes the weight will be less, but most of items that size are calculated on 'dimensional weight', not actual weight sony are commonly just as expensive as shipping a 'complete unit'.

Secondly empty component cabinets sony to be packed to disallow breakage, typically requiring nearly as much packing materials as an sony unit.