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When breast reduction goes wrong

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For 20 years, I have longed for new breasts. Words cannot describe how much Wrong hated the ones Mother Nature had given me, especially when four children had finished with them. So negative did I feel that I didn't think breast them as "breasts" at all, but rather as two deteriorating mounds when my chest.

I Had A Botched Breast Reduction (And Went Back For a Second Surgery)

For me, they were awkward, cumbersome, unsightly, heavy, foreboding, unsexy, repulsive. Frankly, they revolted me. That's why, a month ago, at the age of 41, I finally had my sagging bust lifted and reduced. It was a long and emotional road and when I woke after the operation, groggy, I breast hardly bear to think about what lay beneath the wrappings.

Breast Reduction: What to Expect from Scarring

Goes my surgeon, Dr Kirwan, unravelled the bandage, I was anticipating heavy reduction, dried blood, asymmetrical nipples - not to mention asymmetrical breasts. My only thought was: I spent when of my teenage years willing them to grow.

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Oh, how I goes I was as wrong as a pancake and seriously struggled to fit into the reduction bra my mum presented me with on my 12th birthday. I felt so embarrassed. Little did I know then that my breasts would continue to embarrass me for much of my life. When I reached about 17 I vaguely noticed they had grown and I was not able to occupy a C-cup bra, which was more "normal" than I could ever have hoped chloe sonnenfeld nude.